Canadian Immigration

Immigrating to Canada offers you and your family the opportunity to live and work in Canada, one of the world’s most dynamic and rewarding countries. For those already in Canada and looking to stay, we can assist you to accomplish your goal.

Canada has been built by immigrants and continues to welcome newcomers from around the world who meet the selection criteria.

For those wishing to live and work in the country on a permanent basis, a range of options exist which confer permanent residency status.

Generally, permanent residents can apply for Canadian citizenship following three-years of permanent residency. In some cases, you can become a citizen even sooner.

Skilled Workers

Skilled workers with experience in high-demand occupations may be eligible for permanent residence. Ask us to find out if you are on that list.

If successful, the skilled worker will obtain permanent residence and be allowed to work in any Province or Territory of Canada and either work for an employer or own his or her own business.

Those who already have experience studying or working in Canada may also be eligible for permanent residence.

Investors / Business Owners / Self-Employed

There are a variety of programs for those willing to invest in Canada. The minimum investment, net worth and business experience requirements vary from province to province. Please inquire if you would like to see if you qualify.

Reuniting Families

Existing Canadian permanent residents or citizens can often sponsor their foreign relatives for permanent residence, including spouses, parents, grandparents and orphaned children.

Study Permits

In most cases, students wishing to study in Canada will need to obtain a student visa, although in some circumstances a study permit will not be required.

A study permit for Canadian Immigration must be applied for as soon as our client receives the letter of acceptance from their educational institution. Study permits often allow clients to work part-time on campus and may eventually lead to permanent residence in Canada.

For additional information about immigrating to Canada, please contact Paul Hesse at Hesse Law in Winnipeg, Manitoba: (204) 956-3561 or [email protected].