US Immigration Lawyers

U.S. Immigration, Business, Tax and Estate Lawyers

If you have plans to go to the United States, whether for business or for pleasure, the immigration lawyers of Ferman Law can assist you with the appropriate visa application. We regularly advise and represent clients with regard to matters involving U.S. business law, taxation, estate planning and estate administration. We are also highly experienced in the complex area of international estate administration. The depth and breadth of our experience in each area of practice affects our work in the other areas. This allows us to advise clients on, for example, the tax and immigration implications of starting a business in the U.S.

We are experienced U.S. attorneys who understand how daunting the U.S. legal system can be. Wherever you happen to be in the world, we can assist you.

Our clientele ranges from American expatriates living in the U.K. to businesses and individuals from the U.K., Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. If you are on American expatriate living in the U.K., there are some legal matters, such as the filing of U.S. tax returns and information, which cannot be handled by a British solicitor. If you need an American lawyer who understands the issues you are facing with regard to a U.S. legal matter,  contact Ferman Law.

Our law firm provides:

  • Experience: Our founder, Gary Ferman, is a Harvard-educated attorney with more than 30 years of experience.  Vicki Anderson has been working in the field of U.S. immigration law since 1995. She represented clients in our London office from 2004 to 2007, before opening our Minnesota office.
  • Personal service: Your case will be handled by a lawyer, not a paralegal or a legal assistant.
  • Effective representation: We can ably handle extremely complex cases.

Whether you need an American green card, want to establish a business venture in the U.S., or need help filing tax returns with the IRS, we can help. To arrange a consultation, please contact our office by calling 07710 751266.